Mandatory settings

NetBox's local configuration is held in netbox/netbox/ An example configuration is provided at netbox/netbox/ You may copy or rename the example configuration and make changes as appropriate. NetBox will not run without a configuration file.


This is a list of valid fully-qualified domain names (FQDNs) that is used to reach the NetBox service. Usually this is the same as the hostname for the NetBox server, but can also be different (e.g. when using a reverse proxy serving the NetBox website under a different FQDN than the hostname of the NetBox server). NetBox will not permit access to the server via any other hostnames (or IPs). The value of this option is also used to set CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS, which restricts HTTP POST to the same set of hosts (more about this here). Keep in mind that NetBox, by default, has USE_X_FORWARDED_HOST = True (in netbox/netbox/ which means that if you're using a reverse proxy, it's the FQDN used to reach that reverse proxy which needs to be in this list (more about this here).


ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['', '']


NetBox requires access to a PostgreSQL database service to store data. This service can run locally or on a remote system. The following parameters must be defined within the DATABASE dictionary:

  • NAME - Database name
  • USER - PostgreSQL username
  • PASSWORD - PostgreSQL password
  • HOST - Name or IP address of the database server (use localhost if running locally)
  • PORT - TCP port of the PostgreSQL service; leave blank for default port (5432)


    'NAME': 'netbox',               # Database name
    'USER': 'netbox',               # PostgreSQL username
    'PASSWORD': 'J5brHrAXFLQSif0K', # PostgreSQL password
    'HOST': 'localhost',            # Database server
    'PORT': '',                     # Database port (leave blank for default)


This is a secret cryptographic key is used to improve the security of cookies and password resets. The key defined here should not be shared outside of the configuration file. SECRET_KEY can be changed at any time, however be aware that doing so will invalidate all existing sessions.

Please note that this key is not used for hashing user passwords or for the encrypted storage of secret data in NetBox.

SECRET_KEY should be at least 50 characters in length and contain a random mix of letters, digits, and symbols. The script located at netbox/ may be used to generate a suitable key.