Developer Walkthrough

The steps a developer must follow (chaining of tools and services) to publish an atom.

Tools used



Pre requisites

The Developper installs python3, pip3 and cookiecutter. If OS is Ubuntu, install and update the ubuntu packages. Do not upgrade pip to version 10 via command

pip3 install --upgrade pip since it will break itself

All atoms in Plug'In must follow a well defined file structure (atom skeleton). This structure

The developper must create the atom skeleton Atom-gen generates the template for the atom with cookicutter.

Follow the instructions in The cookiecutter creates a /src and /doc directories. The code will be in /src and the atom documentation will be in/doc

Then developer creates the code, documentation. Tests the code and can be passed to production

Following the tutorial with jenkins or gitlab-CI, the docs are published in Atom Docs.

To publish, the developer must register in AtomStore.

The Atom is published in Atom Store: web page updated, link to the executable in artifactory or an internal docker hub

Beware: The Atom is not the executable part

The executable is in the artifactory

Publish in Atom Store

*Developper sends to administrator:

  • Atom's name
  • Photo
  • Description (README)
  • Documentation URL
  • Code homepage URL

With this information, the administrator goes into his account and creates the atom webpage in the AtomStore.

How to publish an app by the developer

In the future, the developer will modifiy the files in app.tar.gz and will use the AtomStore API via a publication script containing the necessary certificates and token

More details -> Read the docs of the original nextcloud project ( in

In the future, the Atom Store will remove the need of a certificate to publish the atom