User walkthrough

The steps an user must follow to use and consume an atom. Even how the user could create and propose a ToolBox


To be able to work in the Plug'In Playground, the user must have some knowledge of

  • Unix/Linux base commands : files related (ls, cd, mv, cp...), pipes, find and filter text...
  • git base commands: clone, checkout, branch, pull, merge, config...
  • docker base commands with their options: pull, build, run
  • Dockerfile structure and commands


The user quest can be summarized graphically as follows:

          -> Atom Docs
AtomStore -> Playground -> Integrate several atoms -> Toolbox
          |              |                         |
          -> GitLab      -------> Lucy Wall <-------

A better-looking drawing can be found in Plazza


Available atoms are listed in Atom Store.

In the atom's page, you will find the links to its documentation (Atom Docs) and source code (GitLab).

Build and/or deploy in Playground.

Repeat with some more atoms and build a Toolbox

Share your experience in the Lucy Wall.

Search and find an atom

User visits Atom Store to find an atom that fits his/her needs or covers a research subject.

Learning about the atom

User learns by him/herself about the features and how-to-use the atom reading :

Also he/she can go to the Lucy Wall to look for examples of use cases or learn how to use the atom with more examples than in the developer documentation.

Run, test and hack the atom

User opens the playground, starts an instance and pulls the image if it exists in Artifactory. If it is not available in Artifactory, the user clones the project from its GitLab repository and builds the image following the atom documentation for the instructions.

Play with the atom, experiment, hack it, tune it, plug it with other atoms, code some calling functions between them, bundle a group of them to create a Toolbox.


Share your experience in the Lucy Wall.