Welcome to AtomDocs: Plugin's documentation

Plugin is a platform for experimenting 5G on top of a convergent network/IT infrastructure. Therefore, Plugin provides developers and operationals an evolving sandbox, in which 5G components can be instantiated and chained. Plugin is co-designed with the internal research projects (Orange) and the external communities partnership.

To lean more about Plugin visit pluginthefuture.eu.


AtomStore is a central component of the Plugin Sandbox. It is used to publish software bricks that you develop. Thanks to its API, many operations can be fully automated.

AtomStore is based on the open source private cloud nextcloud. The integration of the AtomStore is in progress.

A first up and running should be available by the end of this year where first Atoms will be integrated.

To learn more about AtomStore please visit: AtomStore


When you conduct experiments on Plugin, you may want to create custom Atoms for your project. The documentation of an Atom is created by the Atom provider.

AtomDocs is based on the open source documentation engine MkDocs and the open source template Material (from Google).

When you create an Atom, AtomDocs will be updated automatically (check out the Get Started tutorial).

To get started, please visit: AtomDocs