Infrastructure Provider (InP) Registration Service

The Infrastructure Provider (InP) Registration Atom provide an interface to identify, discover and register a new infrastructure provider and these shared resources. these functionnality overview are : * discover * registry * load * list capability The Functionnal architecture is defined in figure following.

Fig. 1

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Note : The instructions assume that you have already installed Docker and Docker Compose.

The following figure define the processus deployement of this atom:

Fig. 2

Overriding the defaults

Environment variables are a commonly used and easily accessible way to pass runtime configuration to a new container.

If you'll want to change the front-end port expoed and the mariadb database password . You can do this by setting the env vars prior to running docker-compose. For example

$ export EASI_INP_PORT=4002
$ export EASI_DB_PWD=<password_db>


The instructions assume that you have already installed Docker and Docker Compose.

How to get up and running

Once you've cloned the project to your host we can now start the InP register service. Run the following commands from this directory

    docker-compose up --build -d

The docker-compose command will create the images and then link them together based on the information inside the docker-compose.yml file. This will create ports, links between containers, and configure applications as requrired.

After the command completes we can now view the status of our stack

    docker-compose ps

understanding tail the logs of the stack to watch what happens each time you access your web services.

    docker-compose logs


  • [ ] Get data from a graph database (Neo4j, Titan or janus)
  • [ ] Generate the collection of postman
  • [X] Generates and complete swagger docs

Original author

  • Christophe LE TOQUIN, Orange

Release notes

  • Version 0.1 does this and that