Up to now Linkspotter can only be installed on a Linux environment, works are in progress to integrate it under windows.

First of all you must install R software on your environement, you can do this thanks to the following web site :


Then we strongly recomend you to use RStudio, that is a really friendly Integrated Developpment Environment. You Can download it at :

RStudio :

Then in RStudio type the following commands

  • install.packages("devtools")

  • library(devtools)

  • install_git("") (git must be installed on your environement)

Then load the linkspotter package:

  • library(linkspotter)

Finally, to launch Linkspotter on the iris file example, type :

  • lsirisi<-linkspotterComplete(iris)
  • lsiris$run_it

If you don't use RStudio you can launch R by typing "R" in a terminal then follow the previous instructions. But at the end you will have to copy past the ip adress and the port, that will be displayed on the screen like that :, in a web browser.